My Silver Lining

July 7, 1991. It was like a dream. Makeup. Hairspray. Gown. Bouquet. The princess getting ready to meet her prince. And the princess that day was me!

The drive to the church was exciting in my limo “carriage.” But as we made that last turn, I held my breath. Would he really be there? I exhaled when I saw the prince’s “white horse” – a cream Toyota pickup truck with Texas license plates. He was there.

At last it was time for Dad to walk me down the aisle. And I saw my prince standing straight and tall – handsome in his black uniform pants and white Navy dress jacket, medals and all.

Song. Reading. Message. Song. Candles. Vows. Kiss.

My dream come true.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, let me tell you….

Two days before the wedding:

Asercion family portrait – of Mom and Dad with all their children and spouses (groom wasn’t officially a member yet – so he had better show up at the church); mad rush to get the grandkids settled and everyone to the portrait studio on time.

Rehearsal – groom totally disagreed on the arrangement of the wedding party on the stage. One wedding coordinator, Ate Aida, shook her head and got out of the way to let bride and groom have at.

Tuxedo rentals – Something wrong with father of the groom’s tux; groom threatened that his dad won’t wear a tux; bride storms out of house; sister of bride, Ruthie, took bride to grocery store to buy something, anything. Junior groom’s man Jeremy’s tux pants fit way too tight; rental sales person swore skinny-stick-legs Jeremy must have gained weight; sister of bride, Sandy, had it out with sales person that they better fix it.

Wedding day: Pre-ceremony – Bible-bearer John John and ring-bearer Joey throw chalkboard erasers at each other and wrestle like in the WWF. Ceremony – bride hysterically crying as soon as she enters the sanctuary; groom crying but won’t admit it. Reception – chicken undercooked for about half the guests.

Not so dreamy, right? Makes you wonder if it was really meant to be.

A year after the wedding, the Lorenzos visited us while we were living in Delaware. Zee was being…well…Zee. Little Stephanie glared at him and asked me, “Why did you marry him anyway?” Uncle Zee replied, “Because your Papa paid me $5000.” (Now Dad never confirmed or denied Zee’s claim. But he did say to Zee at the end of our reception, “No returns.”)

But Zee’s answer was why HE married ME. Stephanie asked why I married HIM.

So maybe it’s time I answered her question.

There’s a line in the movie “Gigi” where Gigi declares, “Oh Gaston! I rather be miserable with you than without you!” Well, that’s not the answer. I married Zee:

Because he made my life interesting. He took me off guard with some of the things he did and said. He added spontaneity and the element of the surprise to my routine and inflexible life.

Because he made me laugh. His humor took the intensity of my personality down a few notches. He taught me how to laugh at myself, and he was confident and humble enough to laugh at himself.

Because he took care of me. He made me feel safe and secure. He comforted me and took care of my emotional needs.

Because he encouraged me. He supported all my endeavors. He pushed me to reach my dreams and potential.

Because he was a man of integrity. He kept his word. He followed a high standard of work ethics. He met his responsibilities in his profession and personal life.

Because he accepted and loved my family. He showed concern for the welfare of every member of my family. He lent a helping hand whenever needed.

Because he accepted Yeshua as his Savior. He gave up friends and part of his way of life to honor and follow Yahweh. He obeyed Yahweh’s precepts and gave his life to Yahweh and Yeshua Messiah.

Because he loved me. And because I loved him. Unlike Gigi from the movie, I wouldn’t be miserable with him. But I would be totally miserable without him. When the cloud of loneliness and despair just about engulfed me, Yahweh provided Zee as my silver lining.

“Delight thyself also in Yahweh, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4 (KJV)

Was my marrying Zee meant to be? You bet. I hoped it after he smiled at me for the first time. And I knew it when he gave his life to Yeshua and asked to be baptized.

And for 25 years I still know it. He still does and still is all of the above, and more.

Zechariah asked me if the 25th wedding anniversary is the most important one. It isn’t, really. Though we celebrate milestone anniversaries, each anniversary is as important as the next. Every year, every day, every moment we have with our husband or wife, is a blessed gift from Yahweh.

To my Prince: Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary. I am so thankful that you are Yahweh’s answer to the “desire of my heart.” Thank you for the laughter and adventure. Thank you for making me feel safe and secure. For taking care of Zechariah and me. For encouraging me to go after my dreams. For loving and protecting my family. For being the spiritual leader of our family and being a model of integrity to Zechariah. For partnering with me on our spiritual journey through life. Thank you for comforting me and lifting me up. For loving me.

I will always love you.


9 thoughts on “My Silver Lining

  1. I love this, especially reading about the turmoil prior to the wedding–I had no idea! I can just picture Auntie Sandy chewing out the sales person (actually I can’t, but it makes me laugh). I guess happily ever after doesn’t necessitate perfection. It reminds me of that song, “Happy to be Stuck with You.” We are so happy to share this milestone celebration with you both! Happy Anniversary!


  2. Happy SILVER Anniversary to my beautiful, wonderful, Princess Sister & her loving Prince! We are very happy for you and your family. Wishing you continued blessings from YHWH and many, many more Happy and Healthy years of togetherness to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My sister Dorcas, I remember seeing you marching down the aisle about to get married and you were literally radiant, with a glow on your face. And that radiance was captured on the pictures taken of you that day and preserved to this day–25 years later. And that glow remains today because it reflects what is inside you–but it was especially brilliant that day. Zee–your champion and knight in shining armor is a great addition to our family. And as a result, we have Zeek–a young champion in training. Your family is an excellent example of how Yahweh blesses a life, which makes seeking His kingdom the top priority. Happy and blessed 25th Wedding Anniversary. May your love for Yahweh and for each other continue to grow even stronger.


    • Thank you Brother. I remember listening to your tribute to the bride, me, on the cassette tape when I left home on the way to start a new life in Delaware. I was crying throughout your speech and for a better part of the trip. Thank you for the beautiful words and sentiments then and now. You are a good Big Brother — and I’m so blessed by you.


  4. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Zee & Dorcas! That was a beautiful post with a lot of interesting details, some of which I had forgotten. Further proof that ‘all things work together for good to them that love Yahweh’. May you both be blessed with 25+ more years of happy, fulfilling marriage, and may your family be continually blessed. I love you!


  5. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Zee & Dorcas! Your post reminded me of many interesting details concerning your wedding, some I had forgotten. ‘All things work together for good to them that love Yahweh’. Wishing you 25+ more years of happy marriage. May your family be continually blessed. I love you!


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