A Prince of a Dad

Father’s Day was spent quietly and relaxing – for me anyway. Zee got up before Zechariah and I did. By the time we got his cards and gifts together for him to open, he already had the second load of laundry running. But to our defense, he didn’t really want to do anything special. He just wanted to spend the day at home. (Lucky for us that included doing laundry.)

Even though it was nice to have a leisure time together, I have to admit that somehow the day did not seem complete. It’s been almost five years since Dad went to his final rest. But I still miss the part of Father’s Day when we meet together at 809 St. Clement Road to spend time with Dad.

I didn’t feel crying-sad yesterday. Just missing-sad.

I miss Dad. The way he sniff-kissed us. The coffee he would always prepare. His smile. His jokes (no matter how corny). His complete devotion to Mom. His heartfelt, eloquent prayers. His care and affection.

Someone once commented, rather accusingly, that Dad treated me like a princess. And he did—but not just me. He treated Mom, his daughters and granddaughters like royalty. He was the ultimate gentleman: an excellent role model for his sons and grandsons, and a tough example to follow for his sons-in-law.

Dad loved his ten children (through birth and marriage) and all of his grandchildren unconditionally. His last words to me were, “I love you.” He put those words into action throughout his service to his family and his Heavenly Father. I thank Yahweh that He gave us such a willing, selfless servant to represent His love for us in this life. Halleluyah for the blessed hope that we will see Dad – Papa – again and be with him and Mom for eternity.

Dad was a prince of a father – a man of true royalty.

Until we meet again, Dad. I love you, too.


3 thoughts on “A Prince of a Dad

  1. Last week I had an unexplainable cloud of sadness hovering over me until I realized it was nearing Father’s Day and I miss Dad’. A good cry followed by good memories brought the sunshine back. We were blessed to have a wonderful Father and our children enjoyed a fun-loving Papa.

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